Empowering people with innovative solutions for better brain health.

transforming neuroscience into practical & effective tools for better brain health

Solutions for you and the people you care about that are effective and practical, understanding the pressure of limited time and too much to do. Courses are available to help you or your patients such as to help with stress management, understanding the impact of lifestyle factors on mood and memory, and dementia prevention strategies. CPD accredited, medical education courses specifically for health professionals are available on request.

How we work

We offer neuroscience-based, extensively researched, practical programs to improve core brain skills such as empathy, critical thinking and calm that are essential to thrive at work and home.

We have an integrated approach that takes into account lifestyle factors and easy steps that people can take. Solutions are interactive and are designed to motivate behaviour change by encouraging self-awareness and self-efficacy.

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what we do
Themed Brain Health Solutions
  • The Stress Antidote
  • The Neuroscience of Calm
  • Empathy: Neuroscience & Practical Solutions

Understanding Illness Sessions

  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s disease
  • Migraine
  • Epilepsy
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Additional courses and content available. Contact us for further information & courses customised to suit your organisations needs. For individual courses visit our course page. 

This content does not replace a medical consultation. Please see Terms and Conditions.


Healthy Ageing and the Brain: Tapping into our Cultural Capital

The focus of this series of talks is what we have within our cultures and traditions which support health. Sponsored by The DANA Foundation

Responsive Mental Health Support Initiative

Initiated by REMI East Africa in Uganda to provide healthcare workers with tools to support better mental health.

Transcending Global Health Dogma

Global (and local) health-care systems must embrace people who are often ignored, their words, and their thought systems, in theory, method, and intervention.

Sleep & Brain Health

Sleep may be one of the simplest measures we can use to improve health. This is becoming more important as insomnia and other sleep disorders are increasing globally.

Chronic Stress: Neuroscience & Practical Coping Strategies

Stress also affects our ability to think, remember and to solve problems, all of which are necessary to navigate a crisis.

Additional courses and content available. Contact us at for further information & courses customised to suit your organisations needs. For individual courses visit our course page.

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