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With Better Brain Health


Understanding brain health

We need a healthy brain to think better, feel better, solve problems, make decisions and enjoy life.
Brain health or brain wellness focuses on mental health, emotional well-being and cognitive health. 

Memorabilty®’s brain health solutions include:

Improving brain skills for healthier living
 which we need to cope with stress and learn to thrive such as memory, empathy, creativity and calm. These are essential for better health, better relationships and better leadership.
Reducing the risk of brain illnesses

such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression, anxiety and stroke.

Keeping the brain tissue healthy

by promoting healthy habits such as better sleep, regular exercise and healthier food choices.

Founder | Neurologist | Brain Health Consultant

Founder | Neurologist | Brain Health Consultant

Dr. Kirti Ranchod

Global Atlantic Fellow for quity in Brain Health
Co-Founder & Chair: Africa Brain Health
Network (2018 – 2023)
Board Member Alzheimer’s South Africa (2019 – 2022)

‘Content has been carefully designed to motivate behaviour change and self-development by encouraging self-awareness, self-efficacy and self-acceptance.’

Dr Kirti Ranchod
Neurologist; Senior Atlantic Fellow
Founder of Memorability®





Health Professionals



Breakthrough in early Alzheimer’s treatment

The Brain & Brand Show

Brain Boosting Tips from a Neurologist

UCT Art & Science in Health series

Neuroaesthetics: The intersection between art and neuroscience

On the blog

Neuroplasticity & Lifestyle habits

Can your brain develop as an adult? Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice Anton Chekov The brain is able to develop, to change, and to grow. This is called plasticity or neuroplasticity. Plasticity occurs in the brain at any age. It is not...

Can Yoko Ono’s Art give your Brain a Boost?

Yoko Ono’s art may not be easy to understand, appreciate or even accept. This is where the beauty and power of art lies- in that it challenges, provokes and delights.Normal thought processes will not help you to understand, and so, in trying to solve this, different brain pathways are activated.

Memorability’s Book Club: Mindsight By D Siegel

Learn about the brain, and emotions, and what you can change. Whether you’re seventeen or ninety two, you have the potential to live well, increase resilience and thrive. While you are not in control of the experience, you are in control of your response to the experience.


Healthy Ageing and the Brain: Tapping into our Cultural Capital

The focus of this series of talks is what we have within our cultures and traditions which support health. Sponsored by The DANA Foundation

Responsive Mental Health Support Initiative

Initiated by REMI East Africa in Uganda to provide healthcare workers with tools to support better mental health.

Transcending Global Health Dogma

Global (and local) health-care systems must embrace people who are often ignored, their words, and their thought systems, in theory, method, and intervention.

Sleep & Brain Health

Sleep may be one of the simplest measures we can use to improve health. This is becoming more important as insomnia and other sleep disorders are increasing globally.

Chronic Stress: Neuroscience & Practical Coping Strategies

Stress also affects our ability to think, remember and to solve problems, all of which are necessary to navigate a crisis.

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