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Celebrating with friends

Celebration is the foundation of my way of living – not renunciation but rejoicing. Rejoice in all the beauties, all the joys, all that life offers, because this whole life is a gift of God. OSHO

Celebrations are reminders of what’s really important. We celebrate events, people, or achievements. When we celebrate, we spend time with people we care about, and spending time with them, keeps the brain healthy.

How does spending time with people you love help your brain?

  • It increases resilience.

When we celebrate, we spend time with people we care about, and this keeps the brain healthy.

Our friends and family, help us to remain resilient when we are faced with challenges. They are there to congratulate us when we succeed. Acknowledgement is important to sustain, and motivate us. Celebrations allow us to appreciate our good fortune, family and friends. Music and dancing often form part of our celebrations. Both of these, have a positive impact on brain health.

I have a beautiful friend who sets up the most wonderful celebrations. Everyone invited feels special, and really welcome. She leaves no doubt that she values her friends and family. So, this holiday, enjoy spending time with people you love. Try not to over indulge.


Have a fabulous celebration.

Kirti Ranchod

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