Protecting Memory. Promoting health.
Research made practical.

What can you do to keep your brain healthy?  How can you reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s dementia? Are there practical solutions to helping your memory?

Memorability’s programs focus on a cohesive view of brain health, including memory, awareness, empathy, discipline, critical thinking, adaptability, calm and creativity. These skills allow us to function well in the world. Neurologist, Dr Kirti Ranchod, has designed the programs adapting the latest research into practical, stimulating activities.


There is such a simplicity to keeping your mind healthy. Sleeping and eating well, regular exercise, stimulating your mind and spending time with people you love, keep your brain healthy. In addition, research has shown the beneficial effects of art, music, dance, meditation, writing and many more activities. Memorability’s programs will introduce these essentials into your life- simply, playfully and effectively.
Programs can be accessed online and through live interactive workshops.

Memorability Programs will be coming soon.

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